Quick as a Gunn has been involved in all aspects of the Digital Revolution since it's beginning and has grown rapidly over the last few years due entirely to our professionalism, prompt service, and our extensive knowledge of the industry.  

No job is too small, from running an additional TV point to installing comprehensive home networking systems, or to setting up and balancing your Home Theatre System. 

With a digital Television signal you have it or you don’t. In the old analog days if the signal was poor your picture would come through snowy. With a poor digital signal it means no pictures. Today we replace everything (if necessary) from your Antenna to the cabling in your house and then we install a digitally designed wall plate which guarantees high signal quality from your antenna to you digital receiver. 

We provide:

  • FREE quotes

  • New installations of TV aerials/antennas

  • Domestic and commercial specialist

  • DIGITAL TV set top boxes new installations

  • Repairs and extra outlets

  • Homes, units, hotels and schools

  • Video, MATV, pay TV and satellite systems

  • Pensioner discounts

  • 3 YEAR workmanship guarantee with manufacturer's warranty on parts

  • Storm damage insurance's work

Yours in service
Allen Gunn