Get your antenna issues fixed the fast and affordable way with Quick As A Gunn Antenna Service.

Servicing Illawarra, our expert team bring more than 28 years experience to the job. You can count on us to turn up when we say we will and we strive to deliver a same-day service if possible.

What sets Quick As A Gunn ahead of the competition is our combination of cutting-edge equipment and products with clear-cut, good old fashioned customer service. Because we use state of the art testing. You can rely on us to set up your new TV, as well as the connecting DVD, VCR and set top box.

We won't be satisfied until you get the very best TV reception. In addition, we will take care of cabling to ensure your home entertainment centre is compatible with external components like sound bars and game consoles.

Whether it's the office TV or your home entertainment system, we will provide a prompt and reliable installation service.


Why choose us?

  • We strive at all times to deliver prompt and reliable same-day services.
  • We provide complete cabling services to ensure a fully digital compatible infrastructure.
  • We are able to come to your rescue and repair or replace your antenna following storm damage.
  • We can set up your TV to allow you to skip unwanted channels.
  • We can upgrade your system to digital, allowing you to enjoy superior picture and sound quality.
  • We can provide all our services to offices, retirement homes, units and houses.
  • We provide distribution amplifiers, modifiers and decoders, depending on your requirements.
  • We offer our services for all roof types, offering mounts for houses with metal fascia.
  • We are able to fit the new outlets you need.



Do I need a Digital Antenna to get Digital TV?

Not always, but it is recommended. If you are in a good signal area you can sometimes keep using the old Analogue antenna. However, if it starts playing up then it's time to upgrade. If you are in a fair to poor signal area, then it's almost always recommended to upgrade.

Do I need a different digital antenna for High Definition digital TV?

No. All digital antennas are also suitable for High Definition. However, for High definition it sometimes pays to go for the more powerful (larger) digital antenna for better reliability.

The TV picture occasionally freezes or pixelates (goes into little blocks) is this normal?

Yes. Even after the best possible installations, pixelation and freezing occurs occasionally, meaning say 2-5 times in a half hour show and other times not at all. If it is frequent or continual then there is something wrong. One of the trickiest things with digital TV is that it goes from a perfect picture to a frozen or no picture and back with no in between showing you what is going wrong. Digital is susceptible to electrical interference caused by power lines, microwaves, electric motors, faulty light transformers and dimmers to mention a few! On analogue TV, you just got a few dots and dashes across the screen and the picture and sound was still OK. With digital the image cuts out and back often losing sound and picture for a moment.

What do I do if the picture breaks up too often?

It is time to call in our Illawarra antenna professionals. We have the right test gear to check the antenna and the TV to find the cause and advise the remedy. Without a proper digital meter you are flying blind.

I have just moved into a new house or new rental and there is no picture at all, but there is an antenna on the roof. What can I do?

The most common cause of this problem is that the power supply for the TV antenna booster is missing, not plugged in or not turned on. Check for a small black transformer (similar in size to a mobile phone charger) It is normally plugged into the power point and TV point in the lounge or family room. If it is there, turn it on. If it is not there, obtain one either from the real estate agent or previous owner (they may have taken it by mistake). Call us and we will come and check it for you!

What is the set top box?

A set top box enables you to watch digital TV broadcasts on an analog TV. If you want to keep your existing analog TV, you'll need a set top box to be able to see digital free-to-air TV after the switchover. Set top boxes range from basic Standard Definition (SD) models to High Definition (HD) models and may include electronic program guides and interactive features such as pausing and replaying live.

One of my channels is breaking up?

Some TVs and set top boxes lock into the wrong channels try a manual scan.

The following transmitters cover the Illawarra Area:

Main (High Powered) Transmitters (Knights Hill)

ABC(2)35, SBS(3)39, WIN(8)36, SC(5) 37, Prime (6) 38

Stanwell Park
ABC (2)47, SBS(3)49, WIN(8)48, SC (5)50, Prime (6)46

Wollongong (brokers nose)

ABC (2)41, SBS(3)44, WIN(8)40, SC (5)43, Prime (6)42

Nowra North
ABC (2)47, SBS(3)46, WIN(8)49, SC (5)50, Prime (6)48

MT Kembla
ABC (2)46, SBS(3)50, WIN(8)48, SC (5)49, Prime (6)47

How many TV points do you have or wish to have in your home?

The more TV wall points you will have will weaken your TV antenna reception strength. You may need a stronger signal antenna and/or an amplifier booster.