At Quick As A Gunn Antenna Service, we offer installations, upgrades and service work for houses, nursing homes, units, apartments, as well as commercial premises.

Servicing the entire Illawarra region, there is no job too tough for us to tackle. Our numerous satisfied customers are testament to our quality workmanship, and we provide a consistent TV signal propagation and distribution from 1 to 1000 TV outlets if need be.

Our Illawarra TV reception experts use the latest metering equipment to test, engineer and implement the very best scenario and quality.

We offer a complete package for all your TV needs at a rate that won't hurt your hip pocket. All components used are of the highest quality, and all are digital ready. From the cabling and wall plates to splitters and taps. Amplifiers, distribution amplifiers, modulators. TV's, digital set top decoders and antennas tile roof mount for houses with metal fascias or where extra height is required to receive better signal levels.

At Quick As A Gunn Antenna Service, we settle for nothing less than the best results for our customers.

You can read through the services provided by our TV antenna repair and installation professionals below. To find out more, or request a no obligation quote, contact us today.


Enjoying high-quality digital TV is easy and affordable with our Illawarra antenna specialists. Whatever your setup, we are confident we can upgrade your picture and sound quality with our services.

The word 'digital' simply refers to the way in which TV signals are broadcast and received by TVs in homes around Australia. Currently, Australian TV is broadcast using digital, the analog signals was phased out in the Illawarra and the South Coast in 2012.

With digital TV, you are able to receive more TV channels and see pictures in widescreen. The ABC has already introduced digital-only channels - ABC2, ABC3, ABC HD, ABC ME and ABC 24. The commercial networks also have their own digital channels- Prime 62, 63, 7Mate WIN, 88, GO, 2 Two 80, GEM as well as SC 50 and 55.

If your current digital TV setup is not functioning the way it should (i.e you are noticing pixelation, black screen flashes, etc), contact our expert team. We will respond to your needs ASAP.

Channel Numbers

  • 35 - 39 main transmitter
  • ABC on 35
  • 10 on 36
  • Southern Cross (10) 37
  • Prime (7) 38
  • FDS 39
  • ABC 41
  • Prime (7) 42
  • Southern Cross 9 43
  • SBS 44



A free tuning service for your TV is included in any of our antenna installations!

We offer you the convenience of a professional set up and tuning service. Our technicians will connect all your audio visual products correctly, ensuring you enjoy the very best picture and sound quality in the long term. Top notch, digital ready cabling is also available, with the latest connectors fitted. Whether you want to experience unmatched high-definition DVDs, or watch your old videos, we will provide the installations you need.

Let our technicians fine tune your TV and VCR and professionally program all your channels. We will even set up your system so you can skip unwanted channels, making channel surfing quick and easy!

If you would like to run your existing TV, VCR or Pay TV picture into a second room in the house (so you can move between the lounge and kitchen without missing a minute of a movie!) additional points can be provided.

We will test the signal on your existing points to ensure you are receiving the highest possible signal by utilising a digital ready cable. If you want to move it to the other side of your lounge or enjoy your TV in a different room, we can install additional antenna points. However many storeys you may have, and whatever your wall structure, you can count on us to provide the ideal outlet to meet your needs.


Don't put up with the danger and frustration of installing or tuning your antenna yourself. Call the experts at Quick As A Gunn Antenna Service and get ready for outstanding digital TV quality.

Older homes may only have the antenna set up only for analog reception and may have a flat ribbon cable. This cable has been superseded by the coaxial cable. As for the antenna, it should be replaced with a new digital model. We can provide this service at a very competitive rate.

There are a number of reasons why an antenna may not work correctly or stop working all together. Various parts of the antenna may become brittle over time or become damaged in high winds or storms. Pigeons or parrots may chew on the antenna or cables, also causing damage. Lots of rain or large amounts of water can cause corrosion and cables may become worn over time.

Fortunately, our expert team offer an extensive range of antenna repair and maintenance services, including storm damage repairs. If your system requires a replacement, we will make sure you receive great value for money.


To ensure that your home entertainment set up is compatible for upgrades in the future, proper cabling is vital.

An integral part of your TV reception infrastructure is the quality of the coaxial cable installed. Our expert team can deliver this service at a very competitive rate.

We will install at a minimum RQ6 quad shielded coaxial cable to ensure no compatibility issues may be encountered in the future. The cost of a fully enclosed and compatible infrastructure is more than affordable and will allow you to enjoy complete peace of mind.

We provide F type connections, leads and splitters for the installation services we provide. F Type wall plates are mandatory while screw and saddle components are obsolete. You can rely on our Wollongong and Shellharbour antenna experts to deliver outstanding results.


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